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Middle Turbinate Implant

MEDIENT Middle Turbinate Implant


The MEDIENT Middle Turbinate Implant (MTI) offers a new way to address middle turbinate lateralization.

The MTI is a resorbable implant that anchors the middle turbinate to the septum during the healing process. 

  • Dedicated grasper is designed to fit the implant tray’s alignment guides to facilitate insertion
  • Implant can be removed prior to full degradation if necessary1
  • Made of 82/18 PLGA resorbable polymer
  • Secures the middle turbinate for over 8 weeks1
  • Designed to work in conjunction with packing material when necessary

Clinical Study Results 1

A prospective, randomized, multi-center study to compare the safety and effectiveness of the MEDIENT to MeroPack after FESS was performed in 60 patients. At 8 weeks, 75% of middle turbinates on MEDIENT side were in normal position or medialized, and 60% on the MeroPack side were in normal position or medialized.


1. Data on file at Smith & Nephew

Ordering Information

Reference # Description
502-10000 MEDIENT Grasper
602-00210S MEDIENT Middle Turbinate, 1-pack
602-00210 MEDIENT Middle Turbinate, 4-pack


MEDIENT Resources

Product Brochure

Surgical Technique

MEDIENT Resources

Product Brochure

Surgical Technique

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